“Nebulous” is like if UberEats went intergalactic while maintaining its terrible employee treatment protocols. But who minds getting swallowed by both a sun and a big greasy space worm in the span of 5 minutes if your job lets you road trip with your best buddies, amirite?! We fired a couple questions off to Brent Sievers, the mind behind the detox sprouts (and the voice behind precious bb EG), and he hit us back with some answers.

1. What brought you to animation? 

I just sort of stumbled my way into making cartoons. I thought the idea of drawing an entire film by yourself seemed cool in college so I ran with it. Turns out it’s super cool!

2. What would you be if you weren’t an animator?

I like to think there’s an alternate reality where I became an investment banker.

3. Did you ever want to work in a studio, or did you always want to be independent?

I’ve learned there are advantages to each. At the end of the day though, I try to keep my career aspirations flexible as long as I’m making stuff I’m proud of.

4. What were your favorite aspects of your program at RISD?

I appreciate that RISD’s animation/film program focuses on making the best film possible vs training you to excel at one part of the animation process. Especially since I believe that what most people care about is just the idea and execution of a film vs how nice it is to look at.

5. Does your upbringing in the PNW influence your work very much? 

I keep drawing pine trees as the default background in a lot of my shorts cause I’m lazy. Though I’ve been transitioning to palm trees since I moved to LA. 


6. How would you describe your films?

Usually torturing inanimate objects.

7. Where did your idea for “Nebulous” come from? 

Nebulous came out of these long night drives I’d go on with my high school buddies. The friend that drove also used to deliver sandwiches. 

8. How much did the idea for “Nebulous” change from pitch to final product?

“Nebulous” went through about 5 different variations with roughly the same characters. The first couple included a version where they were street performers on a pier, and one where they played a collectible Yu-Gi-Oh!-like card game.


9. Which of your films is your favorite and why?

Honestly, it’s always the one I’m making next. If I dwell on past successes it makes me not want to make anything new. 

10. What are your favorite cartoons?

I really need to watch more cartoons. Like everyone I’m into Rick and Morty, but beyond that there’s a French series called A Town Called Panic that always blows my mind. Netflix’s TrollHunters was fun too.

11. Which artists / writers / animators are the biggest influences upon you?

I’m constantly inspired by my friends and alumni from my school like Simeon Kondev and Caleb Wood. Don Hertzfeldt, Lee Kyutae, and David OReilly are some animators to check out. Also, I’m currently obsessed with Chris Fleming’s comedy writing.

Thanks Brent! Best of luck on all your current and future projects. We’ll be watching!

– Cooper

Bumping Brent’s interview for Nebulous’ Anniversary! <3

– Still Cooper