A thousand thanks to the ladies and gents behind Dave Beitzel’s GO! Cartoons short, “Get…

A thousand thanks to the ladies and gents behind Dave Beitzel’s GO! Cartoons short, “Get Trashed,” featuring The Bagheads. We’re quite pleased to have produced it.

Created by D.R. Beitzel

Written by D.R. Beitzel
Directed by Michelle Bryan
Storyboard: JoJo Baptista
Sheet Timing: Michelle Bryan
Character Designer: JoJo Baptista & D.R. Beitzel
Prop/EFX Designer: Jojo Baptista
Background Designers: Randol Eagles
Background Painter: Bill Dely
Color Stylist: Bill Dely & Mira Lark Crowell
Storyboard Revisions: JoJo Baptista

Executive Producer: Fred Seibert
Producers: Eric Homan & Kevin Kolde
Co-producers: D.R. Beitzel
Associate Producer: Sylvia Edwards
Production Manager: Steve Worth
Production Assistant: Ross Kolde
Development Coordinator: Kelsey Calaitges

Editor: Ray Valenzuela
Animatic Editor: Meghan Burleson
Animation Checking: Sylvia Edwards
Track Reading: Slightly-Off-Track

Artemis: Cassandra Morris
Elbow: Colleen O’Shaunessy
Dadhead/Goat/Nukeman Jones: Andrew Racho

Casting/Voice Director Rene Vielleux
Voice Production Company Verité Studios LLC
Dialog Recording: Salami Studios
Dialog Mixer: Jonathan Abelardo
Assistant Dialog Mixers: Samuel Porcaro & Sean Jacobson
Post-production: Salami Studios
Sound Design/Editorial: Rick Hinson, M.P.S.E.
Foley Mixer: Roberto Dominguez Alegria
Foley Artist: Cynthia Merrill
Dialog Conform: Mark Mercado
Re-recording Mixer: Thomas J. Maydeck, C.A.S.
Score: Paul Fraser

Animation Services: Dongwoo A&E CO., LTD.
Animation Director: Geun-Sik Song
Layout Artist: Young-Kyun Yoo
Model Checker: Jeong-Hee Kim
Key Animation: Yang-Ho Park, Kyung-Sook Park
Final Checker: Sun-Ho Choi
In-between: Hyun-Sook Lee
Background Director: Yoon-Ho Lee
Color Stylist: Jeong-Woo Lee
Scan: Min-Yong Yoo
Composite: Tae-Hee Heo
Production Staff: Seung-Won Nam