cartoonhangover: “Cartoon Hangover: From Creators to You. “No interference, no corporate meddling, no dilution.”…


“Cartoon Hangover: From Creators to You.

“No interference, no corporate meddling, no dilution.”

We promise. 

There probably isn’t anything we could say about Cartoon Hangover –or anything that comes out of any Frederator group– that’s more important and more true. “From creators to you.” (If it wasn’t a significant idea to us, would we bother making a limited edition postcard about it?)

Exactly what do it mean? Let’s break it down to “creators” and “you.”

Creators. In today’s media universe –YouTube, Instagram, et cetera–  the definition of a creator is pretty broad, but just like in animation, it’s the person, or team, that not only comes up with an idea, but is totally responsible for how the idea is made, whether it’s a video, an image, a comicbook character, a book, what have you. “Created by” is a phrase in television that usually means the person who actually wrote the first script, and in animation it has come to mean pretty much the same thing, though “script” is a pretty flexible term.

At Cartoon Hangover and Frederator, we look at the creator as the most important piece of our animation puzzle. When we produce our hundreds of short films –where almost every one of our series come from– we look for the creator of the cartoon to write the picture, design the characters, and oversee all creative aspects of the film.

Why is this so important? We’re the first ones to acknowledge the old truth that “in Hollywood, nobody knows anything.” That includes us. I’m fond of saying that if I knew so much, why aren’t I making the film? I learned a while back, when I started working with jazz musicians, that my most important job was to put the right person in charge of a project –a record or a film– and get the fuck out of the way. After all, it’s that person who’s put their life on the line to make the project great. And, by the way, if they haven’t, why the heck would I spend my time working with them? Life is short, every day counts, why work on anything that isn’t special?

It doesn’t always turn out the way you hope, but at least try. We look for creators who put themselves completely at the mercy of their creations, and honestly, it’s our honor to help them achieve their goals.

“You.” The creators and you. “You” is the entire audience that gets to see our cartoons. Of course, everyone at Frederator is part of that audience, so we want to see our creators’ work turn out well as much as anyone. We’re all in it together, the creator, all of Frederator, and all of you in the audience. And again, if that’s not the case, why bother?

What it comes to to for me is that all our creators and all of you deserve our respect. We try to keep to that promise every single day.

Anyhow, enough with my blather. You can read about the individual creators of original Cartoon Hangover cartoons if you click on the links below. But, if I’m right, a lot of you already have, because you’re super fans. It’s why you love Cartoon Hangover. Yes?

Thanks for reading.



From the postcard back:


You are one of 300 people

to receive this limited edition

Cartoon Hangover &

Frederator postcard!

From creators to you.

Natasha Allegri

Damien Barchowsky

D.R. Beitzel

Breehn Burns

Elyse Castro

Liz Chun

Alison & David Cowles

Jeff Drake

Tom Gran

Andy Helms

Gabe Janisz

Ralph Kidson

Jiwook Kim

Grant Kolton

Juris Lisovs

Miss Kelly Martin

Jesse & Justin Moynihan

Rory Panagotopulos

Jonni Phillips
Christopher Reineman

Mel Roach

Mike Rosenthal

David Shute

Brent Sievers

Hamish Steele

Jason Steele

Jennifer Suhr

Kate Tsang

Pendleton Ward

Martin Woolley

Joel Veitch

No interference,

no corporate meddling,

no dilution.

Just art.

Series 38.8 [mailed out November 16, 2018]