“Frederator loves you: Best of Frederator: Original Adventures in Cartoons, TV and Streaming 1998-2018″

Frederator Loves You: Best of Frederator on Scribd

20 years is a long time, and Frederator has a long tail. Of cartoons, for sure. Of streaming channels and networks. Of TV shows.

So for the last few months we’ve been putting together this 20 year, “best of” retrospective of what we’ve all been up to during that time. The paperback book itself is available on Amazon (238 pages, 488 illustrations for $29.99 (that’s 6¢ per illustration, 12¢ a page, not too bad). We printed it through Amazon’s on-demand system, and I have to say, the quality’s pretty good. 

But, you can check it out for yourself here for free, to look at on your phone, tablet, or your laptop.

I know it might sound like some BS, but we couldn’t have done any of this stuff without you and your friends. Frederator’s fans watching what we do is what makes 20 years possible. Thanks so much.

Please, let me know what you think of our book. –Fred