It’s Frederator’s 20th Anniversary year!  

Hard to believe, but Frederator’s been making “Original Cartoons since 1998,″ as I thought I was joking in our first crew poster for Oh Yeah! Cartoons. I mean, there was *no* possibility that we would ever exist long enough for that phrase to be anything other than a gag. 

I can’t thank you all enough for a great ride. Everyone who’s ever watched one of our cartoons, or our channels. Everyone who’s ever worked at Frederator. Everyone. 

Over the next several months I’ll post some images from our company highlights, from ChalkZone and The Fairly OddParents to Adventure Time and Bee and PuppyCat. Channel Frederator to Cartoon Hangover to The Leaderboard. And everything in between. 

Millions of animation frames, millions of viewers around the world. It’s been wild times. Thanks again!