Rachel and her Grandfather Control the Island is finally out!! If you liked it it would mean the world to me if you would share it! 

i pitched this right as i was about to graduate high school thinking it wasn’t going to go anywhere and here it is 2 years later… it was such a ride making this! 

super special thanks to Kai Lynn Jiang (those amazing backgrounds, rachel’s voice), Mira Lark Crowell (those colors!), Jerry Paper (the music!), JoJo Bapista (cleanup and props), Victoria Vincent (emotional support and the voice of stacy) Eric Homan & Fred Seibert, and everyone else who worked on it in any capacity, and all of my friends/family/fans for being so supportive through the whole process!!! 

Jonni Phillips’s cartoon has finally escaped. Give it a watch, as we think you’ll enjoy it.

Full disclosure: we would’ve shared this even if it didn’t mean the world to her.