Our most wholehearted thanks go to the gang behind Gabe’s “Tyler & ; We…

Our most wholehearted thanks go to the gang behind Gabe’s “Tyler & Co.” We enjoy the short a lot, and it’s due to these folks.

Created by Gabe Janisz

Written by Gabe Janisz
Directed by Gabe Janisz
Creative Consultant: Larry Huber
Storyboard: Justin Noel
Sheet Timing: Larry Huber
Character Designer: Gabe Janisz
Prop/EFX Designers: Gabe Janisz, JoJo Baptista
Character/Prop/EFX Clean-up: JoJo Baptista
Background Designer: Justin Noel
Background Painter: Justin Noel
Color Stylists: Mira Lark Crowell, Gabe Janisz
Storyboard Revisions: Gabe Janisz

Executive Producer: Fred Seibert
Producers: Eric Homan, Kevin Kolde
Co-producers: Gabe Janisz
Associate Producer: Sylvia Edwards
Production Manager: Steve Worth
Production Assistant: Ross Kolde
Development Coordinator: Kelsey Calaitges

Editor: Ray Valenzuela
Animatic Editor: Ray Valenzuela
Animation Checking: Sylvia Edwards
Track Reading: Slightly-Off-Track

Tyler: Brian Sutton
Rex: Lucien Dodge
Lil G/Pizza Girl: Katie Leigh
Moe: Vladimir Versailles

Casting/Voice Director: Rene Vielleux
Voice Production Company: Verité Studios LLC
Dialog Recording: Salami Studios
Score: Calum Bowen

Animation Services: Digital eMation, Inc. (Steven S.H. Yoon)
Animation Directors: Kwangbae Park, Mikyung Myung
Layout Artists: Insook Jo, Sunghyun Chun
Assistant Animation Supervisors: Namki Kim, Chulmin Kim, Heejung Kim, Sunmi Park, Naksoo Choi, Chulki Hong
Key Animation: Kwangbae Park, Mikyung Myung, Insook Jo
Final Checker: Jiyung Yoon
Background Director: Hyunhee Oh
Color Stylists: Yong Ahn, Jung-in Lee, Injoo Ahn, Jungbong Jang, Miyung Kim, Hwasoon Kim
Composition: Jangho Park, Sukyoon Choi
Production Staff: Scarlet Sookyung Kim, Ini Song, Sora Kim, Agatha Sarim Kim