Go! Cartoons

Fred Seibert’s and Frederator Studios’ bread and butter has always been using shorts programs as places where tomorrow’s hitmakers can create with as little executive interference (and as much support) as possible. For this anthology series, we teamed up with Sony Pictures Animation on a dozen shorts by filmmakers spanning the globe, from Los Angeles to Australia, from London to Latvia. Currently exclusive to Cartoon Hangover Select.

Created by Fred Seibert

Originally Aired on Cartoon Hangover [global] (2017)

November 7, 2017 The Summoning Created by Elyse Castro

The Summoning


November 21, 2017 Boots Created by Alison & David Cowles

Boots Go! Cartoons


December 5, 2017 City Dwellers Created by Grant Kolton

City Dwellers


December 19, 2017 Rachel and Her Grandfather Control the Island Created by Jonni Phillips

Rachel and Her Grandfather Control The Island


January 2, 2018 Nebulous Created by Brent Sievers



January 16, 2018 Welcome to Doozy Created by Kate Tsang & Jennifer Cho Suhr

welcome to doozy


January 30, 2018 Both Brothers Created by Juris Lisovs

both brothers


February 13, 2018 The Bagheads Created by D.R. Beitzel

the bagheads


February 27, 2018 Tyler & Co. Created by Gabe Janisz

Tyler & Co.


March 13, 2018 Kid Arthur Created by Joel Veitch & David Shute

kid arthur


March 27, 2018 Thrashin’ USA Created by Rory Panagotopulos



April 10, 2018 Pottyhorse Created by Damien Barchowsky & Jeff Drake


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