too cool! cartoons

The ten cartoons making up Frederator Studios’ production of Too Cool! Cartoons for Cartoon Hangover count as Fred Seibert’s fifth big cartoon incubator program. The shorts include Natasha Allegri’s “Bee and PuppyCat,” Miss Kelly Martin’s “Doctor Lollipop,” and “Manly,” from Jesse and Justin Moynihan.

Created by Fred Seibert 

Originally Aired on Cartoon Hangover [global] (2013)


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1. Our New Electrical Morals by Mike Rosenthal Released on April 4, 2013
2. Rocket Dog by Mel Roach Released on May 2, 2013
3. Ace Discovery by Tom Gran & Martin Woolley Released on August 29, 2013
4. Bee and PuppycatPart 1 & Part 2 by Natasha Allegri Released on July 11 & August 6, 2013
5. Doctor Lollipop by Miss Kelly Martin Released on September 12, 2013
6. Dead End by Hamish Steele Released on June 26, 2014
7. “Chainsaw Richard” by Christopher Reineman Released on July 17, 2014
8. “Manly” by Jesse & Justin Moynihan Released on July 31, 2014
9. “Spacebear” by Andy Helms Released on August 14, 2014
10. “Blackford Manor” by Jiwook Kim Released on August 28, 2014