That’s it for the words part of Bravest Warriors.When we were lucky enough to…

That’s it for the words part of Bravest Warriors.

When we were lucky enough to team up with Nelvana to produce 52 new 11-minute episodes of Bravest Warriors, it’s not like we ever dreamed they’d one day actually all be written. But such is the case!—we’ve now officially delivered the last polished script of Season Four. Whew.

Special thanks to Brydie Lee-Kennedy, who story-edited a dozen episodes when we got caught in a jam. Consultant Jason Johnson wins the prize for Community Service. Outside of voice actors, Jason’s the only creative-type to be on Bravest Warriors from the series’ start. Most Valuable Player Award goes to Kelsey Calaitges. In addition to writing a bunch of cartoons, she’s the one most responsible for keeping things on track, a Herculean task.

The biggest props go to story editor Benjamin Townsend. Inheriting the mantle from the likes of Pen Ward and Breehn Burns would make a lesser individual spritz his or her trousers, but Benjamin rose to the occasion, increasingly molding the show into his own vision while always keeping in mind his many disparate masters. We could not have conceived a better steward for Chris, Beth, Danny, Wallow, et al.

Finally, many thanks to every following individual who contributed to the 900+ pages of Season Four script. Not joking, we’d put their work up against the best we’ve produced.

Benjamin Townsend
Stephen Martin
Ryan North
Kate Leth
Zac Gorman
Kevin Burke
Doc Wyatt
Grace Ellis
Kelsey Calaitges
Leslie Wolfhard
Steve Wolfhard
Amalia Levari
Randolph Heard
Tyler Chen
Derek Iversen
Randolph Heard
Joey Comeau
Jack Bernhardt
Mike Holmes
Tobi Wilson
Gemma Arrowsmith
James Colley
John Omohundro
James Hamilton
Natasha Hodgson

Here’s to the next 52.