Hello all!

In a year and 3 months at Frederator Studios, I’ve had an amazing opportunity: to speak with many successful people in animation about their love for their craft, their motivation getting into it, and the moves that made their careers. 50 of these conversations have made it onto paper (one into a video!), and now, I bequeath them to you in this Master’s Collection! Da dun!

From the start, I’ve composed these interviews with a particular reader in mind. That is any of you following who dreams of working in animation, and becoming a part of the shows that you love. If that is you, then I hope these conversations will be a resource for you. Everyone’s path is different – that’s an overwhelming trend in these! – but if you wish to become a cartoonist, there IS a path open for you.

This also marks my last post to the Frederator Studios Tumblr. I’ll miss you all, and Frederator! But my path is taking me on to the next opportunity. It has been a gift to share this cartoon joy with you. Thank you for it. 

Without further ado: read, enjoy, and follow these amazing artists, writers, actors, animators, producers – creators! And if you are that dreamer I’ve kept in mind – take the advice you like, leave whatever you don’t, but no matter what, please: believe in yourself. And begin.

– Cooper Nelson

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Richard Armitage
Actor, Trevor Belmont (Castlevania)

Nick Bachman
Supervising Producer (Costume Quest)

Damien Barchowsky & Jeff Drake 
Creators (Potty Horse)

DR Beitzel 
Creator (The Bagheads)

Jack Bernhardt
Writer (Bravest Warriors)

Michelle Bryan 
Director (The Fairly Oddparents, The Bagheads)

James Callis
Actor, Alucard (Castlevania)

Bryan Caselli
co-Executive Producer / Storyboard Artist (Costume Quest)

Elyse Castro
Creator (The Summoning)

Justin Chan 
Artist / Animator (Veggiemancers)

David & Alison Cowles
Creators (Boots)

Jane Crawford 
Supervising Producer (Bravest Warriors)

Nick Cross
Art Director/Animator (Over the Garden Wall, Yellow Cake)

Eva Cvijanovic
Director (Hedgehog’s Home)

Sam & Adam Deats
Directors (Castlevania)

Julian de Perio
Background Artist (Costume Quest)

Grace Ellis
Writer (Bravest Warriors, Moonstruck)

Dylan Glynn
Director (Service Magique, Lost Daughter)

Mathieu Hains
Creator / Animator (The Angry Little Cupcake / The Loud House)

James Hamilton
Writer (Bravest Warriors)

Derek Iversen
Writer (Spongebob Squarepants)

Garrett Jackson
Animator / Office Manager

Gabe Janisz
Creator (Tyler & Co.)

Sean Jara
Creator (Mysticons)

Ali Kellner
Creator / Animator (Nana / Bravest Warriors)

Grant Kolton
Creator (City Dwellers)

Kate Leth
Writer (Bravest Warriors, Hellcat!)

Juris Lisovs
Creator (Both Brothers)

Anneliese Mak & “Stayin’ a Lava” crew
Animators, Sheridan College

Amanda McCann
Line Producer (Costume Quest)

Adetokumboh M’Cormack
Actor, Isaac (Castlevania)

Graham McTavish
Actor, Dracula (Castlevania)

Nata Metlukh
Director (Fears)

Diane Obomsawin
Director (I Like Girls, Kaspar)

Jonathan Ng
Director (Requiem for Romance)

Ryan North
Writer (Bravest Warriors, Squirrel Girl)

Rory Panagotopulos
Creator (Thrashin’ USA)

Neil Parfitt
Composer (Bravest Warriors)

Austen Payne
Creator (One Hell of a Party)

Janet Perlman
Director (Sorry Film Not Ready)

Jonni Philips
Creator (Rachel and Her Grandfather Control the Island)

David Shute & Joel Veitch
Creators (Kid Arthur)

Brent Sievers
Creator (Nebulous)

Elise Simard
Director (Opening Hours, Breakfast)

Jennifer Suhr & Kate Tsang 
Creators (Welcome to Doozy)

Adrian Thatcher
Director (Bravest Warriors)

Benjamin Townsend 
Story Editor / co-EP (Bravest Warriors)

Steve Wolfhard 
Writer / Board Artist (Bravest Warriors, Adventure Time)

Tiya “Addictiya” Zhong
Creator (Lost, Stolen, Dropped)