We're celebrating today's 20th anniversary of 'Oh Yeah! Cartoons' by, of all things, watching cartoons. @TBiskup art here? @NickAnimation

7/19/98: 'Oh Yeah! Cartoons' premieres on @Nickelodeon. Thanks to Bill, Larry, Vince, Harvey, Greg, Rob, Alex, Miles, 'Pat', John, Dave, Chris, Byron, Sally, Butch, Bob, Bill, Carlos, Mike, Seth, Ken, Tim, Guy, Steve, Antoine, John, Andre, Ric, Eric, Michelle, Amy, Dave, and Zac.

Within hours of #SDCC18 starting Wednesday night, @BradGraeber from @powerhouseanim already spotted the con's first Claire cosplay. And a great one, too. (Let us know who you are.) 🖤 #TheSummoning